Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Wedding

There was a span of months and years where weddings happened constantly.  My lifestyle required endless unique dresses or at least planning to make sure the same assortment of people wouldn't be at the same wedding so I could repeat a dress here or there.  Those weddings were those of a mix of friends and family and eventually everyone who was going to be married was. Until now! I have three cousins getting married this year and the first was this weekend.  These occasions are now one of the few times all nine of my cousins on my dad's side are in the same room although we spent many holidays and confirmations and graduation parties together. 

If you are to see a picture of us all, a few words might pop into your head before you even process the whole thing.  "Girls" and "Blonde" might be the first two, since seven out of nine of us are girls and seven out of nine of us our blonde.  We all have blue eyes and a tendency to require sunscreen. 

Upon perusing my scanned photos, I came across this one of the family as of spring 1986, which was taken at my aunt's wedding.  Thirty years ago...THIRTY YEARS!  My mom whipped out those dresses for us (mine and my sister's at least) and the sashes which matched her bridesmaid dress which she also made for herself.  How she had time to sew like that, I don't know because I am three here and my sister is one.  I would have been almost exactly the same age as Ben is now!  I kind of look like Tessa if you can look beyond the hair...please, look beyond the hair!

Here we are again! 

This was the "girl" picture, which is why my brother there is backing away slowly!  Those drinks on the table belong to some other people! 

Here is the full group!

These drinks are for other people too...we were just holding them. 

That lemon slice my cousin is holding...she was just holding it for someone else. 

Ahhh...nothing like being the last people on the dance floor with two old guys! 

Well, that was a fun one and I'm very happy for the bride and groom.  Congratulations guys!  The day went too fast, as all weddings do! 

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