Monday, April 25, 2016

Milo's Wall

Milo is six months old.  I bought the letters to hang his name on the wall about five months ago, I painted them about three months ago and as of last week they are finally hanging on the wall above his crib!  Well, that was a much more drawn out ordeal than it needed to be! As is everything I try to accomplish...

I've got some other things to hang up there too.  That should be done before he turns one! 

I also recently got around to hanging my old bulletin board somewhere in the house.  Back in the early 1990's my mom bought my brother and sister and I each a bulletin board for our rooms.  She painted the wood frames and stenciled them to match our rooms.  Mine was mint green with cats and hearts stenciled around the border. awesome that it remained on my wall until the day before the excavator ripped down the walls to my childhood home. 

It hung there between the doors under that shelf for probably twenty years and in my previous room across the hall before that!  I had planned on just leaving it on the wall after taking off the pictures and mementos it held but my sister rescued mine and hers and my brother's and painted them for us in a more modern style! 

After months of leaving it in my parents' new garage I finally brought it home and left it in our garage and FINALLY a few weeks ago I hung it on the wall in the kitchen.  I had to remove another wall hanging to make room but I like it being there.  It takes some of the clutter off the refrigerator!  Then I didn't have any tacks for weeks and I finally remembered to buy some.  THEN I was finally able to hang things on the board.  Not surprisingly, Ben was fascinated by this activity and was soon coloring many pictures just to hang on it.  Then I caught him pounding them in with a toy hammer. 

It would appear that a child in this house has a bloody vendetta against Thomas and Dora...
OK, I have to go...I am trying to watch Sunday's new episode of "Call the Midwife" on PBS and I thought he wasn't paying attention but Ben just watched a depiction of a 1960's era C-section complete with cord cutting and now I have a lot of questions to answer.  Eeeeek. 
Just for fun, here's a picture of Milo taken a few hours ago after lunch.  Don't worry, I didn't leave him unattended with the clips unclipped...I just thought he looked so cute and big when I was taking him out so I snapped a picture! 

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