Wednesday, April 6, 2016

So I'm 33 Now

The week is flying by and it's already the 6th but Monday the 4th was my birthday.  This is the highlight reel:

-Dropped Ben off at preschool, went to the Y gym early and then was at the Verizon store by 10:00 when it opened so I could get a new phone!  My old phone was purchased on my birthday in 2013 and the battery was fading fast so it was time.  Wherever you are, whatever city you are in and whichever location you choose I think it is a universal truth that going to the Verizon store is a huge pain.  I thought by going in the morning on a week day it would be better but there was already a line and I had to wait around for 10 minutes (which is a very short wait by Verizon store standards).  I got the phone and it has barely left my hands since.  It's huge (in that it has lots of storage space) so I have been able to load it up with more music and I can take pictures freely.  It has 64 GB as opposed to 16 so I am really happy not to have the "storage full" message popping up constantly. 

-Picked Ben up from school where he told me that he told his teacher it was my birthday and he DIDN'T make me a card.  I'm guessing she asked him if he wanted to make me a card during their free drawing time and he said no.  Haha. So nice. 

-Spent the afternoon doing the boring stuff I always do in the afternoon while deflecting Ben's constant requests to play with him and go outside. 

-Went to Paradiso for supper (free food!) which went fine until Milo had a diaper explosion that we had to clean up in the back of the vehicle because I took a chance and left the diaper bag out there.  But we are old pros at this stuff and we gathered our wits and went to the mall!

-Had some ice cream cake and tried to explain why I didn't have a pile of presents to open to the kids.  The phone is the present, kids! 

-Watched the NCAA basketball championship game.  Even though I wasn't invested in the results at all it was still quite a finish.  I love watching March Madness and basketball in general when I get a chance.  I think it is because the quarters are close compared to football or hockey or baseball so you get to see the teams on the bench and the people in the bleachers losing their sh!t  when something crazy happens and it's just as entertaining as the game.  You can't help but feel happy at the sight of grown adult men letting loose like this! 

Also, I saw on the today show this morning that the UConn Huskies women won the women's national championship for the 4th time in a row!

I have to mention it because they are very similar to another NCAA dynasty that no one gives much credit to outside of ND (ahem NDSU Football) but that is awesome!  When I saw the pictures of them with their multiple NCAA trophies I instantly thought of the Bison.  I wonder if their trophies get to go on a road trip around Connecticut? 

So now life goes on for me as a 33 year old!  My grandpa used to say 33 like "tirty-tree" in his old Norwegian accent so I keep thinking of that in my head. 

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