Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Baby Guy" at 4 Months

You never can guess what silly nicknames a baby might end up with.  I called Ben "Mr. Goo" because he would say "goo" all the time when he was in his cooing baby talk phase.  Tessa became "Babee" because that is how Ben would say "baby" when she was a baby.  Now Milo has a few.  The kids call him Baby M, Myo (that's Tessa's two year old version of Milo) Big Guy (they always say, "Hiiii big guyyy") and recently they have started calling him Baby Guy.  Well, that one just seems to fit!  Today is the 7th, which means that Baby Guy/Myo/Milo is now four months old!  Well that went fast.  He goes to the doctor on Tuesday so I'm not sure about his current size but he's certainly changing and growing and he talks/babbles constantly.  He is laying on his play mat with the dangly toys right now, batting at toys and saying many variations of goo, gee, gaa and ooo and every once and a while he squeaks.  It's not cute at all...Ha. 

He loves his siblings...he really does although this photo might indicate otherwise.  They both enjoy getting up in his business and laying on him and talking to him right in his face.  It looks like they are being too rough but he laughs and smiles when they do this. It is similar to when Ben used to carry Tessa around when he was two.  I was worried but she sure wasn't.
He's starting to roll out of our various baby holding apparatuses which means we now have to start strapping him in and even then their days are numbered.  He will be mobile before we know it. 

He sure is a cute baby and he was meant to be with us! 

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