Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cute Milo Pictures

Well, I have been trying to post all afternoon and it's just not happening.  I have a three year old in the house who  So you can all just gaze upon the following pictures of Milo that I was going to post about.  There's not much to say about them anyway.  The first ones are from a week or two ago and I took them because he is wearing an old outfit of Ben's and I wanted to compare the two.  The second set was taken yesterday with the sign my sister painted for Milo for Christmas.  The other kids got them too. 

Ben can be a pest when I just want to be left alone to accomplish even the smallest tasks but he sure does care about his baby.  He thought Milo needed his blanket when I had him laying on the floor. looks like the debris that I snowplowed out of the way with my arm to make room on the rug worked itself into the corner of the picture!  Believe it or not, the floor was not clean yesterday afternoon, nor is it now or ever. 

He's a happy boy!

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