Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ages and Stages

Milo is now three months old.  I am late in posting about it because the day was the 7th, which was a day that I was busy travelling to Frisco.  I feel like this age is the start of the major cuteness.  Although newborns are very loveable in their innocence it sure is adorable when babies start to make legible sounds and show amusement and indicate that they are discovering the world around them.  For my children, and for most other properly developing babies, this discovery first manifests itself in an obsession with their hands.  It's hand time! 

I love how obsessed they are with their hands.  It's so funny. 

We also recently took out the always controversial Bumbo chair.  Why is it controversial, you ask?  Well, since Ben was a baby I have read articles from physical therapists and child development professionals saying that the position they place the baby in is harmful for babies who are too young to sit on their own and that sitting in these chairs causes weak muscles.  Then there was a recall because of falls.  Yes, apparently some parents placed this thing on a table and then left the baby out of reach.  I don't worry too much about those things because my kids never want to stay in this thing for more than a few minutes at a time and usually they start monkeying out of it by the age of 5 months old so it really only gets used for two months if even that long.  Also, I wouldn't leave a baby unattended on a table in one of these.  Sometimes when I hear about recalls for baby and kid products I have to wonder what the h3l! people were thinking using the product that way in the first place. 

Another Vikings jersey picture because he looked really cute...

Now, for fun...let's play a game...Who is in the following pictures?  Ben or Milo?

They are all Ben but it's pretty hard to tell!  I was looking for old pictures of him during the hand obsession phase and I realized how confusing this could be!

Here is an extra picture of Tessa and Milo.  She wanted to hold him yesterday morning.  She is in an outfit of her own choosing. 
Finally, I was very delighted to see this when I picked Ben up from school and he handed me his latest art project (it was a pizza made of a paper plate because they are learning about P this week).  He can write his name!

Yes, it is very rudimentary, but he wrote his name.  I haven't seen it before.  What a wonderful thing when you imagine all the people throughout history and some in the world today still who never learned to read and write and he will barely remember a time in his life without that knowledge. 

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