Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Visitng Santa and Other Christmas Magic

The Christmas buildup has started, although the pretty white snow has turned into a brown Christmas and today it is currently 63 degrees.  Yeah for real.  I thought it was about 55 and I just looked at my weather app and it says 63.  Maybe we will go outside and play with sidewalk chalk when Tessa wakes up.  Or not, since it will probably be dark out already.  These temperatures don't feel very Christmas-y but I guess it's good.  The longer the dead of winter stays away, the better. 

I have been trying to do fun and festive things with the kids but, to my dismay, they only want to watch Paw Patrol and Curious George and I haven't been able to get them interested in many Christmas movies.  We have been reading Christmas books but they just want to read the same one over and over (Little Blue Truck's Christmas, if you are has a light up Christmas tree at the end!) Also, we took a trip to the mall for our annual Santa visit two nights ago.  Ben was really excited and Tessa thought she was until...

In their defense, we got there right after Santa left for his break and we had to kill time around the mall for 45 minutes.  For me on my own this would be a dream come true.  Oh, please, don't make me meander around the mall!  NO!  One summer when I was in college I was messing around the mall in the morning before work and bad weather was brewing and I ended up locked in the mall for a short time because of an imminent threat of a tornado.  There is no place I would rather be in that situation! 
Anyway, by the time we were able to see Santa the kids, especially Tessa, were getting out of sorts and it didn't help that the indoor play area is right next to the Santa set.  She just wanted to play and go down the slide instead of waiting in line so she was worked up into fit throwing mode.  And who do you think she was reaching for in the picture?  Me, of course.  I don't know what Ben's deal was.  He was very excited to see Santa.  I think kids get a bit intimidated sometimes when they are in his presence!  My favorite child in this photo though is Milo.  Babies are so cute. 
Once they were off the lap both kids managed to tell Santa what they wanted.  Tessa said "Paw Patrol presents" and Ben said a garbage truck which was not the answer he had rehearsed.  He also was planning to ask for Paw Patrol something or another but the kid in front of us in line was talking about wanting a garbage truck so I think he copied him.  We didn't get him a garbage truck so I am waiting to see if it comes up again before going and buying one.  I guess it is probably the only kind of truck and vehicle he doesn't have...
I forgot to share some of my Christmas décor in the previous post.  Mainly, I forgot about this cat pillow. 

This is a hokey 90's era homemade pillow that my grandma made for the granddaughters when we were kids.  As a typical 90's country household with several good sewers in the family and a culture of craft fairs and bazaars in the area these types of items were plentiful when I was growing up.  A few months ago when we were preparing to demolish the old place most of these items went in the bonfire or to the big fundraising rummage sale in town but I spared this one.  Of course I's a pillow with cats in Santa hats!  And two of the cats look like Allan and the other one looks like Rascal, my beloved childhood pet!
How cute are these?  I love finding these little frames every Christmas and hanging them on the tree.  I'm the kids will like seeing their baby ornaments as they get older and help decorate.

What a cute assortment of babies to hang on the tree! 
I received this rug as a gift last year and I was pleasantly surprised to find it with the Christmas decorations this year with the tags still and on and ready to use.  I like the bold colors and it kind of makes me want to replace the faded lemon printed run that usually is in this spot. 

I guess Tessa likes it too! 
Finally, I have to share my favorite of the Elf on the Shelf antics this year.  So far, anyway.  OK, I mean ever.  I don't think I will top this one!
After the Santa adventure I was inspired to take some Christmas pajama pictures in front of the tree. Yeah, I know.  I probably could have saved that for another night but the pictures turned out cute actually.  

That ornament has Ben's handprint on it.

What are you worried about?


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