Monday, December 7, 2015

Milo at 2 Months Old

I couldn't believe it last night when we were eating supper and I realized that it had been two months since that strange night I went into labor.  As of 1:18 this morning, Milo is now two months old.  I think that means he's not a newborn anymore!  What a nostalgia inducing thought...although it's been a few weeks since they've been worn anyway it's time to accept that the newborn clothes need to be packed up and actually the three month clothes are getting small.  Sigh. 
People always ask if he's a "good baby" and of course no baby should be called "bad" but he really is good.  He sleeps all night and he has not yet destroyed an outfit from a diaper-splosion.  He kind of just goes with the flow through all the chaos that surrounds him. 
Here is a picture of him I just took before I went to get the computer. 
He has started showing lots of different facial expressions and he is getting "talkative" with the baby sounds.  It's pretty cute.  These are the days when the newborn fog lifts and the real fun starts. 
Here are a few recent pictures from my phone that show some of his cute faces. 

That Duplo creation there is what Ben and Tessa call a "cake".  They love to make cakes with the big flat pieces.  Milo didn't really care for his cake I guess! 

"Hello, Mother..."
I took the next few pictures last night.  I wanted to capture how he his starting to fill out (and lengthen out of) his clothes. 

Smiley boy!

These baby days sure are fleeting.  I was able to return to the gym today because he is now old enough for the drop in care.  I made it quick and he slept the whole time so I feel better about that now.  Hopefully we can make a new routine and get out of the house more now.  He has his two month appointment on Wednesday so it will be fun to see how much he has grown. 

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