Thursday, December 17, 2015

Updates from Crazytown

This post is nothing but some pictures from my phone and the stories behind them.  Don't worry, none of them are of me!  They are all of the kids and one is of Allan (you know you want it!).

This was taken in the store I love to hate a.k.a. Walmart.  Tessa and Milo and I were buying some weekly necessities and unnecessities (I don't think that's a word) including but not limited to Andes mint chocolate chips and hot dogs.  Tessa insisted on walking (ugh) and ended up choosing this canister of assorted sprinkles that was conveniently placed at her eye level.  She was so proud of them that I let her buy them. They are pink and blue baby themed so everyone in the family can look forward to some interesting cookies at Christmas.

Who can resist a cat who has contorted himself into a too small box?

It seems that Ben ha grown an inch overnight based on the way his 3T pants look.  I'm kind of embarrassed that he went out in public like this but it was just to the drop in day care at the Y which is a parade of "my mom gives up" fashion. There is usually at least one kid in the room wearing pajamas or a tattered Halloween costume so a boy in clown pants is hardly noticeable.

I included this picture because she's cute. 

Yesterday was my MOPs Christmas party and we had an ugly sweater theme.  I wore a 90's monstrosity that my mom bought from Casual Corner which is a long defunct store that was in the Columbia Mall in Grand Forks.  Milo wore this adorable shirt but ended up sleeping through the whole two hour party in his car seat so no one saw it anyway so now you all get to see it!

Winter has blown in and now it is cold like a normal December and not 63 degrees like last week so I started using this car seat cover.  He seems to like it. 

This is from a week or two ago.  Ben lined his cars up along the railing and I was impressed that he kind of put them in order of color.  I don't think he did it on purpose but it still looks pretty cool.  I love a nice color gradient.  I am a very type B  person who tries to get organized by making lists and then forgets about the list but I have managed to maintain a rainbow system of organizing the clothes hanging in my closet for several years.  Colors speak to me!

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