Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Final Countdown

I haven't talked much about my pregnancy this time around.  I think this is because nothing is new about it anymore and I am occupied with other crap all the time.  But here I am with about one month left (the doctor's due date is October 6th, I think it is more like the 10th).  The heat of summer has hopefully passed after a very hot week last week and temperatures in the 70s feel fabulous.  I am getting large and bursting out of many maternity shirts.  The truly tent-like garments in my collection are suited for cooler weather so hopefully I can use those at least a few times in the next month.  At my last appointment I was measuring 37 weeks at 35 weeks (still 34 based on my own calculations) which is bigger than ever before.  Hopefully the weeks will go fast (but not too fast because we still haven't retrieved our bassinette from my cousin who borrowed it last year, we need to dig out the newborn boxes and carseat and we don't exactly know who is sleeping in which room or riding in which spot in which car.  Oh, and also we don't have names picked out).

Ben talks about the baby often although it has been going on so long that the whole idea is probably abstract to him.  He's probably doubting that this baby actually exists! 

He had his third day of preschool this morning and was pretty happy when I picked him up.  He is still talking about that wedge!  Also, they had apples for a snack today and read a book about pumpkins.  According to the schedule, they are covering the letter A this week but he didn't say anything about that.  He knows A well, as in "A for Al!!!" 

Tessa does not get very upset when we drop him off like I thought she would, although she seems kind of out of sorts without him when we go about our morning activities.  She talks about "brother's seat" in the car and that sort of thing.  She won't have to wait long to have company again, whether she likes it or not! 

Here is a video I took of her this morning to give this post a lift since it's quite forgettable otherwise.  Tessa likes to play in the whirlpool tub (at least the kids and the cat like to play in there, since we never use it).  She uses the slanted end as a slide. 

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