Thursday, September 17, 2015

Farming with Ben

A new routine has formed around here.  After Tessa goes to her room for her nap after lunch, I try to distract Ben with Netflix and TV shows for as long as possible so I can be productive and/or hit the couch to watch something of my own choosing.  Often I try to combine these two activities and sit and fold laundry or work on the computer while watching the show.  However, this usually only lasts for about an hour before he comes running own the hall, bored with TV and wanting my attention.  He usually asks, "Mama, you want to do farming with me?" and heads over to the farm toys like I wouldn't possibly want to do anything else.  Although I want to ask him in return, "you want to do reruns of 'Sex and the City' or last week's episode of 'Project Runway' with me?" I of course go to the table and play with him and usually end up sitting there for 45 minutes to an hour playing with tractors.  He has some dried corn seed that he enjoys playing with too, which can cause a huge mess but oh well. 


He keeps a constant monologue about what his tractors and implements are doing and constantly moves the corn around.  If I start to put my attention elsewhere, such as a mail order catalogue or my phone, he pulls me back by telling me to choose a tractor or help him hook a grain cart of cultivator up to an appropriate machine. 

The wine rack is right by the table and he figured out that the plastic wine glasses that I have hanging on it instead of glass ones look kind of like hopper bottom grain bins so now those are always laying around too.  This place is downright disorderly. 

On this day he combined farming with play dough, which involved me making many little tiny cubes that he loaded into his machinery. 

He went to Big Iron today with Justin.  If you didn't know, Big Iron is a large ag show.  I've never been to it myself, although my dad goes most years.  I think there is a lot of machinery on display and demonstrations and lots of booths where various agriculture companies promote their businesses.  I guess they didn't take any pictures but that's OK.  I've had a nice afternoon off from "doing farming" although I know I will miss these days when he doesn't want to play with me anymore!

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