Thursday, June 25, 2015

They Live!

It's been almost one month since I planted the flowers and I am thrilled to announce that last year is not repeating itself and they are not dead!  I check them all the time and whenever we have been gone for a night or two I always am worried they will all be withered when we get back.  But no!  They are looking very healthy and robust for the most part!  The problem last year must have been residual chemicals in the soil since we took it from a farm field or excessive fertilizer use when we were planting.

Speaking of fertilizer, I have administered some Miracle Gro and it is really making a difference.  I can't believe the blooms!  I am waiting to do another application but we have had a lot of rain lately so the pots have barely had a chance to dry.  You can see the rain in the gauge in this picture!

I don't remember what these little star shaped flowers are called but they are really thriving.  I am always looking for a flower that can tolerate full sun.  The color combination in this pot is very strange.  It was kind of the catch all pot for the last few plants I had left but I kind of like it now! 
Our garden is fine.  The tomato plants had grown three times their size while I was on my trip.  Last weekend I was up to my ankles in mud while trying to week the carrot rows.  They were being taken over by an evil weed.

This is purslane.  Purslane is relentless.  It has one deep and strong root that is very hard to pull without just breaking the top off the plant off which doesn't do much good.  From this root it grows out in a circle and spreads across the ground.  When I was researching the weed I learned that in addition to being a loathsome weed (the seeds can stay viable in soil for 40 years), it is also an edible plant that many people eat!  It is very healthy and full of nutrition and has the highest amount of omega-3 fats of any edible plant and also very high levels of antioxidants.  Now I am kind of tempted to eat it.  But not really. 

Here are a few pictures of the kids.  Tessa is having a rock phase right now.  Ben had one too. 

Here they are playing at the park last week. 

It looks like an old fashioned see-saw or teeter totter or whatever you may have called it in your town or at your school.  It is not.  It moves a few inches up and down in either direction.  That is fine for kids as young as Ben and Tessa but I can't help but feel sad for the older kids who are stick with this lame new playground equipment that is meant to prevent any and all risk of injuries.  They are just plain boring.  No wonder kids only want to play video games. 

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