Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baseball Ben

I am finally back from Vegas, which ended up being a long story, but as I was about to create a post I saw the pictures from right before I left and thought I better post about them first.  On Thursday morning before I left Ben had his first morning of baseball!  He is playing "Itty Bitty" baseball at the Y.  They have month long sessions of various sports for ages 3-5 who are too young for most organized sports.  I believe the Legion related t-ball that kids played in my hometown and that my brother used to coach is for kids already in Kindergarten but I can't remember.  He knows what baseball is when he sees it and he has a glove and a t-ball set and he loves to throw things but that is about the extent of it.  He was still excited though. 

After a rousing game of "Red Light, Green Light", which he has never played before (and which is an awesome game...why haven't I thought to play that?) the kids practiced stepping and throwing to the coaches (teenagers and college students).  It was mostly chaos.  There were five year olds mixed with three year olds and you can definitely tell the difference when it comes to focus and listening skills with each passing year. 

Then the good part that all the kids had been waiting for came.  The buckets of bats came out and they got to take turns at the tees.  Fortunately, Ben got to be in the first group of batters.  If he hadn't been he would have been off trying to climb over the pile of tractor tires the Y keeps out there for personal training sessions. 

Tomorrow is the second session of baseball.  I feel like I have entered the gateway to years of kids activities.  I wonder what the future will hold? 

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