Thursday, June 4, 2015


When I posted about our recent yard work and spring flower planting a few days ago I left out my favorite flowers in the yard right now.  Those would be the irises.  We had some fabulous solid purple irises in front of our old house and we tried to move part of one over here in a pot but it didn't survive the winter.  Last summer we obtained some new plants from Justin's botanist coworker.  We never saw their blooms but we knew what colors were in the mix and planted them in the order we wanted. 
We have purple and white bi-color,

light purple,

and, my favorite!  I am in love with these!
We weren't sure if they would bloom this year either but they did!  Next year there will be many flowers.  They are so tall already. 
They are up to Ben's waist!  I don't know how it is possible that both my children seem oblivious to the pain of crawling and walking around barefoot on beds of rock.  It's very strange. 

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