Friday, July 25, 2014

Project Runway

I was really excited this morning when I saw a favorite TV show of mine in our DVR list!  Project Runway returned last night!  I love Project Runway mostly because it just fascinates me that people out there are not only so good at sewing clothes but that they can come up with these clothes in hours and without patterns.  In fact, pattern making and sewing books are not allowed on the show.  How is this possible?  It intrigues me because, even though I know how to sew, it is a whole other level of creativity.  And of course, I enjoy the drama between the competing designers as they prepare for each runway show and the inevitable meltdowns and fights. 

I did my own clothing related project yesterday. Yes, another project. I'm on a roll!   A few days ago I went Old Navy and was scrounging the clearance racks (is there any other racks?) and found a white strapless eyelet maxi dress for dirt cheap with a stack of orange tags over the regular price. 

This is the dress (not on my body). 

Now, a floor length eyelet strapless dress with a tiered skirt is a bit overly feminine for my usual style but I also enjoy a dose of eyelet for summer and a white skirt seemed like a versatile item to have so I bought the dress and decided that I would probably just cut the bodice off and make it into a skirt. 
My sister and I have a lot of experience with altering clearance rack clothes in minor ways to meet our needs.  We have sewn seams up the sides of too wide button down shirts and strapless dresses, hemmed skirts and shorts and even shortened swimming suit straps.  So this seemed like an easy project. 
It turned out that sewing a seam around the top of this skirt made it hard to slip on because the non-stretchy thread was constricting the elastic so I ended up just cutting close to the elastic and leaving it with a raw edge.  No one will ever see the waist band anyway! 

Now I just have to go somewhere besides the Y and Target to show it off! 

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