Monday, July 21, 2014

Justin's Debut

Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about how Justin was going to be featured in some promotional materials for his graduate school program?  Well, here are some of the pictures that are actually being used in the flyers!  One is for his company's partnership with the University and one is a general flyer for any interested student. 
See that ring glinting on his hand?  That's right ladies, he's taken!  Don't get any ideas! 

I don't know about you, but suddenly want to sign up for the MBA program! 
Speaking of college, unless you never go into a retail store you have noticed that "back to school" merchandise is front and center again.  I loved back to school shopping as a child, teenager and even as a college student even though mid July seems way to soon to be worrying about it.  "Back to School" shopping time didn't roll around until August in my memory.  Who wants bags of notebooks and folders and pencils laying around their house for six weeks anyway?  Two weeks is long enough. 
Although my school years get farther and farther in the past every year I still yearn for those days when I see back to school crap on sale.  The goods for college and dorm rooms really awaken my nostalgia for the exhuberant and hot first weeks back at school and also my amazement about how much potential I had and how many options.  And now...a moment of silence for my lost youth...  Last week I indulged in the dorm room frenzy by purchasing some organizational containers for my bathroom drawers.  I thought since we have lived here for 11 months that I should finally get those drawers and cupboards the way I want them and not the way I quickly threw them together right after we moved in with the intention of organizing later. 
"Organize later..." If you ever hear me say that about something know that later might never happen!

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