Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visit to Santa

Last night we took Ben and Tessa to visit Santa Claus at the mall.  Justin had class, which is held in an annex building very close to the mall, so I met him there.  He got done early because he had a test.  Ah...finals...I remember those weeks.  In college, it as a pretty fun and relaxing week, at least in my very easy academic department.  The campus would become empty as each day of the week passed.  I remember having to stay until Thursday or Friday during my freshman year in the dorm and saying goodbye to all my buddies every day and being very excited for it to by my turn.  Back at home there were basketball games to watch since both my brother and sister were playing and high school classmates to meet up with, usually at the basketball games. An empty dorm is a sad contrast to a full bustling dorm and everyone was anxious to get home.  Blast that Biology 150 and its Friday final!  I still vaguely remember the main subject matter of protein synthesis...very vaguely...In the following years I wanted to stay until Friday.  Whoever was done with tests was celebrating the season!  We didn't have playoff football back then.  I thought we had fun then. I can't imagine what it would be like now!  Thinking about finals reminds me of the very early days of Justin's and my acquaintance.  We both had Statistics 330 and we were allowed to make a cheat sheet where we could write as much as would fit on a sheet of paper and use it during the test.  I was at AGR with my friends screwing around and wasting time like did on a regular basis and he was studying and we ended up comparing cheat sheets and then planned to walk to the final together.  It was a 7:30 a.m. test.  We trudged off to the hall which I can't remember in the dark and I have no idea what we talked about.  Tee hee hee...how cute...

So here we are, ten years later!  Yes, that was in 2003.  Ten years later we brought our two under two to visit Santa at the mall.  I tested out our new double stroller which I think we will have to send back because I couldn't figure out how it was compatible with our car seat and I can't find the instruction book to check the model number of the seat.  It is a MONSTER.  My body is sore from spending a few hours in the mall with that thing last night.  We bought the cheapest photo package of two 4x6 prints.  It also included a code to download a low resolution digital copy for your phone or Facebook or whatever online use you have but we somehow lost the receipt with the code.  I took this photo of the photo with my phone. 
It's a beauty.  Between Ben's residual black eye and Tessa's hands in front of her face it could be a better photo.  Oh well.  The two kids near Ben's age who went before us were screaming so at least he was cooperative. I just wish we didn't have to pay so much for this nonsense.  In the town I grew up in there is an old timey log cabin and every year the town men's club has a Santa and elves day there.  It is free and you can take as many of your own photos as you want.  Many years ago, when I was in middle school, my dad played Santa.  Maybe one of these years we can make it to that event.  It won't happen as long as NDSU is in the playoffs! 
I am trying to get so many things done before we leave for Christmas in a few days.  This afternoon, as soon as Ben crashed, I planned on cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, including mopping the disgusting floor.  We are going to bake cookies in mass quantity tonight for an office exchange and to bring to our Christmases with our families so it will probably get messed up again but I just hated the idea of a festive baking session in that nasty mess.  So I filled the bucket and mixed up the Pine sol, started sweeping, and of course Tessa woke up and started fussing almost right away.  I have read some advice for parents of two kids under two on the internet and they all say to wear the baby to help you get things accomplished.  I was skeptical of this advice because Ben did not like being in a baby carrier.  I have two different ones.  I have the Moby, which is a huge piece of fabric that you could make a toga out of (hmmm...I might have to try that sometime!) that you wrap and tie around yourself and a more traditional backpack style carrier.  Ben was too much of a stiff, planking little thing who would not accept the snuggly nature of the carriers.  I have been trying again with Tessa and have successfully used the Moby a few times. 

So she helped me clean today!  She falls asleep almost right away if she is in it securely.  I think I am getting better at wrapping and tying the thing.  The bad part is that it makes me really hot.  It is worth it for thirty minutes of accomplishment though. 

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