Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Tree Preview

I have looked forward to setting up the Christmas tree and decorating for every year of my life that I can remember.  This year my enthusiasm has not been there the way it has always been but the thought of not having the tree up was just too sad so we made it happen.  Justin dug all the decorations out of the garage and I frantically assembled the tree and added the lights on Monday night after Ben was sleeping.  I did the rest by some miracle yesterday afternoon while Ben and Tessa were both sleeping.  I will take some pictures of the finished product later because the dining room table is still shoved in a corner and the chairs are all over the place.  Here is a preview. 
Allan is in love with the tree.  It happens every year.  As soon as the box opens he is going crazy.  He loves to gnaw on the branches.  I have no idea why.  It is one of the stupidest things he does.  Of course he ends up ingesting some needles and then inevitably throws up.  I am so happy that we have mostly hard surfaces for flooring. 

We let him get his fix on Monday night and he has settled down quite a bit regarding the tree.  The ornaments probably get in his way.  Or maybe he realized that eating artificial pine needles is a really dumb idea. 
Ben has been good with the tree so far.  It has been decorated for 24 hours now and he has mostly left it alone.  He stands by it and looks at the ornaments and comments on the ball shaped ones because he never misses a ball and he threw an ornament down the stairs this morning but it was just one ornament and it was a non-breakable, non-sentimental one that I purposely put in his reach at the bottom.  Hopefully the tree will stay intact this year.  I don't want a repeat of last year. Remember this picture?
He was so cute!  He still is but nine month olds are especially cute!  Also, I really miss that plant!  Also I miss that house!  The tree fit perfectly in that corner by the window.  I hope the new owners have a tree.  I suppose by next year Tessa will be the one tearing the tree apart.  That's is a small price to pay for having kids to share Christmas with. 
Ben has been really interested in Tessa this week.  Yesterday I had her laying on a blanket on the floor and he was laying by her so I laid her on him so he could snuggle her.  Now he wants to hold her and snuggle her all the time.  He grabs her blanket and spreads it on the floor and tries to pull my arm to bring me over to it and lay her down.  When he holds her he tries to push my hands away so he can do it on his own. 

It's really cute and I don't want to discourage him but it also is nerve wracking!  I am afraid that he will try to pick her up when I turn away for a second to go to the bathroom or get a drink in the kitchen. 

She thinks he should take a hint and leave her alone! 

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