Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ben's First Black Eye

When I think about it I am surprised this hasn't happened yet since Ben's favorite activity is climbing and jumping off of furniture but he currently has a pretty unsightly black eye.  What sort of parental inattentiveness lead to this accident?  On Sunday night Justin was watching TV downstairs and I was doing the same upstairs.  I was trying to unpack from the weekend so insisted that Justin keep Ben downstairs so I could do something without him undoing it.  He has been my shadow lately so it is hard to get him to stay away from me even for a short time.  It's cute but like many things toddlers do can also be annoying.  I took a few minutes to sit down because Tessa was fussing to be held.  The stairs are open with railings instead of a solid wall so Justin and I could see each other and Ben except for at the bottom of the first flight of stairs.  Whatever happened took place right in the blind spot.  We heard a bump and then the breath holding of a little kid who is about to start wailing.  He had a scrape on the side of his eye and seemed like he was actually hurt and not just whining like he usually does.  We tried to apply ice but he wasn't holding still for that!

From what we can tell he fell while trying to climb the stairs while holding a football.  It wasn't so bad on Sunday night but has gotten worse looking since. 

It doesn't seem to bother him but I am glad it isn't serious and also that I already took pictures for and ordered our Christmas cards!
We went to Fargo over the weekend for the NDSU playoff game.  I didn't go to the game because Tessa is to small.  We went shopping instead.  We didn't set up our tailgating spot since the high temperature was below zero.  Some people in the group "tailgated" indoors at BWW and Chub's.  My sister had an indoor tailgate party at her house. 

I had fun at the mall even though my huge stroller isn't the best piece of equipment to have in a packed store.  A sleepy newborn is an easier shopping companion that a active 20 month old.  There was a TV broadcasting the game in the corridor so I could check in here and there.  Me and about thirty irritated looking men who looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but the mall on a Saturday eighteen days before Christmas.  It is sad not being at the games!  I just can't imagine lugging Tessa up to my seat in row W yet. 
And of course, later that night everyone got a big surprise about the football coach taking a new job.  what followed was an uproar on the Internet as the news spread very fast and rumors circulated.  It turned out to be true. 
Thanks for this fun memory Coach Bohl!  It's from the "Bison Bandwagon Tour" or whatever it was called back in July of 2012.


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