Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Countdown Is On

 The countdown is on...less than two months until the baby comes.  Based on the doctor's measurements and "first day of last period" chart I am due on November 16th and based on the ultrasound I am due November 21st.  Either way, it is less than two months away.  I am going to stay with the ultrasound opinion based on what I think I know about my cycle and what happened last time I was pregnant.  I am hoping this baby is out before Thanksgiving which is November 28! 

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding over the weekend, which caps a summer of bachelorette parties, showers, and weddings for three special ladies in my life and I must say that I am DONE doing these things sober and pregnant!  If you want to invite me to a bachelorette party in the next two months you are out of luck!  I am officially too fat to be doing that stuff!  The wedding actually was fine.  My dress looked fine and my seamstress did some good work.  I lasted all day in my heels and changed into our complimentary flip flops from the bride at the same time as the other girls.  Most of the day I felt just normal and didn't even feel pregnant.  Old college friends can put you at ease like that I guess!  The wedding was on Friday and the salon visits and festivities started on Wednesday night and it was a fun few days.  My sister and a friend were our first houseguests on Friday night so it was fun to show off the house.  And, unless you live under a rock or are reading this somewhere far away and you don't actually know me, you know about ESPN broadcasting "College Game Day" from Fargo on Saturday morning before the NDSU game.  Somehow we managed to fit all of this in and although I was exhausted I am glad we pulled it off. 
Ben had a much better game day than he did two weeks ago.  We got him to nap in his stroller which made a huge difference.  He slept for about an hour, woke up, and ended up crawling back to the stroller where he slept during the first half of the game.  Then he woke up and had some food and since the game was a bust my mom and I chased him around the hallway during the 4th quarter. 

I love this picture!  I am so glad he was able to sleep through the commotion. 

On Sunday we shopped briefly and bought Ben some new shoes for fall.  I can't believe how much his feet have grown since he started needing "walking" shoes.  He has worn out and pretty much destroyed two pairs of hand-me-down sandals this summer to the point that one pair has straps that are ripping off and another pair has Velcro that is so stripped that it barely closes so these were much needed.  Such a simple life...only needing one pair of shoes for daily life!  For the wedding Justin discovered that his dress shoes from my brothers wedding were way too small when he was getting Ben ready so he ended up wearing Justin's little cowboy boots from when he was a toddler!  I tried to add a picture from my phone but the Blogger app. has been saying it is "uploading" for the last 25 minutes and nothing is happening and an earlier draft failed to upload so I am giving up on that for now. 
So now that the excitement of the wedding and the big football weekend is over it is time to start focusing on baby planning.  Women on the November 2013 birth board on Babycenter are already packing their hospital bags and worrying about which laundry detergent to use.  Or, I guess I should say, the first time moms on that board are worrying about those things.  I sure am not.  I guess I am planning on using most of my belongings and my overnight bags in the next eight weeks and if an emergency happens someone can drive five minutes to our house and get stuff for me. 
I am getting impatient with being pregnant.  I feel bad complaining about the little things, especially after hearing two women having a heart to heart talk about their various fertility struggles while I was in the bathroom at the wedding dance this weekend.  They were in jeans so I think they were there for another party or maybe just at the hotel bar or restaurant but I am sure a pregnant whale in a bridesmaid dress wasn't who they wanted to walk into that conversation.  But anyway, knowing this is whiny and insignificant, I have had it with these stupid maternity clothes and I can't believe I was excited to wear them again when I took them out at the beginning of summer.  I have this pair of skinny jeans that does not stay up...like they would fall completely off if I didn't intervene and pull them  up every few steps that I take.  And the point has been reached where many of my shirts (maternity shirts!) are getting too small.  Mostly they are too short.  I hate walking around looking like a mess but I have just given up.  I have some better cold weather shirts that I am anxious to wear as soon as the temperature drops to a more fall like level.  My other jeans are so frumpy and bad.  I have two pairs in addition to the fall down pair and both are just a bit too short and one has this awkward panel that cuts across the middle of my abdomen even though they were supposed to be "full panel" and the other pair is an elastic waist pair that I indulged in from GAP last time that were quite expensive and they also barely stay up.  Then there is the "tunic" and legging option but I have discovered that when something says "tunic" It means tunic for someone who is 5'4.  On me, it just looks like a shirt.  I was really tempted to buy some new jeans from a cute maternity boutique at the mall in Fargo this weekend but I stopped myself.  Who knows what the future holds and if I am pregnant again in the future I might be at my largest in the summer months and what good would jeans be then?  This last week was the first time I wore my jeans all summer and I probably will have a few more warm weeks to wear the capris from this summer.
Oh well, soon these clothes will be a distant memory, I know, and the discomfort of the third trimester is quickly forgotten once the baby arrives and the minor irritations are meaningless compared to real complications.  I try to remind myself of that whenever I am feeling frumpy or having a sleepless night or chasing Ben around. 

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