Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Curtains

The patio door faces south and takes sunlight all day.  It's nice.  Who doesn't want a bright and sun filled kitchen?  It was already equipped with some nice curtain rods and sheers and drapes when we moved in.  It was nice to have something until I had time to change it. 

I am not really a red person and they made the kitchen too dark.  This isn't the greatest picture but you can see how dark it is.  Also, these are panels from the Target and I had similar ones back in my apartment at UND and I never wanted to see them again.  They were easy to change.  You can kind of see that they were held up by little clips on a runner so all I had to do was buy some fabric in the proper width and length and hem the edges. 

I managed to sew these during Ben's nap somehow.  I am so thankful that he took a long one so I could get it done and get my sewing machine stashed before he woke up.  I kept the white sheers behind them for extra shade and fade prevention although I think fading will be inevitable. 

Here is a night time picture without the sun shining behind them so you can see the grey background better.  Of course, no current picture of this house would be complete without a bunch of un-magazine like clutter laying around! 

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