Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby Gate Dilemma

The unpacking process is gradually wrapping up.  Both of our vehicles now fit in the garage after a big push today.  We are TIRED.  I am really slowing down and lacking energy since I have gained between twenty and thirty pounds in the last two months.  I don't know the exact number.  I stay off the scale unless I am at the doctor's office.  Chasing Ben, moving boxes, and being on my feet all day is not so easy anymore.  And that is what I have to do these days.  I feel bad sometimes because I am so excited for when he takes a nap or goes to bed that I feel like my days revolve around those times and then I am guilty for not giving him enough attention.  Oh well, he better get ready for everything to not be all about him!  In his words..."Uhh Ooooooh"...

So anyway, we had to find a new baby gate for our new staircase.  The old one was held up by tension and it doesn't work with the carved posts.  We had to order it and then realized we forgot that Amazon still had our old address, which meant a trip back to the old house which was kind of sad.  Ben was kind of confused when we walked in, like he was home but it wasn't quite right.  I didn't get emotional fortunately. 

Justin installed the new gate on Friday and the posts required it to be hung at a certain height which also allowed Mr. Skinny to slide right under it.  We were all watching the NDSU game in the basement on Friday night after the gate was installed and I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden Ben was also in the kitchen.  He figured it out instantly.  What followed was a very irritating Saturday of trying to get many things accomplished while he constantly escaped to whichever floor we weren't working on to mess everything up.  He is pretty agile on the stairs so the concern was not safety as much as keeping him confined so we could see what he was doing. 

This morning Justin did some research and came up with this DIY pvc pipe extension. 

While he had his afternoon nap he made it and attached it with some hose clamps, leaving a gap for Allan.  As you can see from the picture, Ben was at first confused then very mad at us for getting the better of him.  Hahaha we win kid!
Here is a video I took of him freaking out about it and then throwing himself at my legs and clinging and whining which is his lastest way of dealing with any frustration.   
I don't want to mock him but it is funny.  It reminded of me of a very hilarious (in our biased opinion) video of how he reacted to discover that Justin had baby proofed our old kitchen cabinets.  I was in Vegas when this happened so it was in June. 

That's some nice work...

A few other moving pictures...

Here is Allan discovering the box with his toys and catnip in it. 

Here he is playing on the deck and creeping on the teenager across the street practicing hockey in his garage. 

Here we are watching the NDSU v. Kansas game, which we WON!  It was pretty intense! 
I feel behind from the move...some other news...
-Last Friday I had the Gestational Diabetes test, something pregnant women dread because you have to drink a horrible sugar filled beverage that makes Mountain Dew seem light and healthy and then sit around the waiting room for an hour and then have multiple vials of blood drawn.  I had to fast over night last time I was pregnant but I guess their policy has changed because I didn't have to this time which was a relief because fasting is not something I take well to.  However, I admit that I enjoyed this appointment because I have a new appreciation for having an hour baby free to sit in a chair and do nothing.  I chose to read a book and it was great!  And I don't have diabetes either. 
-I wish I had something good to share about our garden but the sad news is that someone has stolen everything we have grown the past few weeks.  It keeps happening and there is nothing to be done about it.  Every pepper has disappeared, a while row of onions (probably about fifteen of them) was taken, a monster zucchini that we were leaving on the vine to see how large it could get is gone, and someone tried to pull up carrots but broke the tops off because you need a shovel to get them out.  I don't even get excited to go there anymore because it makes me so mad but there is nothing to be done about it.  So that is a buzzkill.  All that work for some jackweed to get the benefits.  Ours is right on the edge so I think it is just a visible and easy target. 
-I just saw the evening news weather forecast and it calls for highs near or above 90 for the next seven days!  In the past I would have liked that but at the moment I am just too big and tired for that.  Ben wants to be outside all the time and I just don't feel like chasing him around.  I wish the public pools were still open. 
-I feel like we live at Wal-Mart and Menards because we have gone to one of both of them everyday since we moved in.  Yesterday we estimated that we walked a mile around Menards trying to find insignificant items including a surge protector, thumb tacks, a curtain rod and some specific kind of screw.  Often the people who worked there didn't know where anything was.  It made me really wish for the old small town Hardware Hank/Ben Franklin combo.  Sadly, I think those days are gone. 
After reviewing,  I realize that three of these four stories are complaints.  I don't mean to sound negative.  I am not really feeling negative.  After all, tailgating starts next weekend!  Yeaaahhhh!!!  See you soon Fargo! 

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