Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Most Annoying Toy Ever

As any parent, babysitter, relative or person who has walked through a store with toys knows, baby and toddler toys can be very annoying.  The battery powered ones are loud and feature voices and songs that spout out annoying phrases and excerpts from classical music and nursery songs.  Some of the favorites around here are a Baby Einstein "iPod", a toy remote control that sings "I've got a remote and I'm ready to roll, making things happen 'cause I'm in control!" and a toy barn that makes animal noises and sings "Old MacDonald".  These are all pretty irritating but we are so used to them that they don't really bother us anymore.  They entertainment and distraction is worth listening to the sounds. 

Well, move over iPod, barn and remote because I went and lost my mind and bought this thing at a rummage sale last week...

It looks fun enough.  If you can't tell it is a Sesame Street themed vacuum.  Ben ran right over to it at the rummage sale and started pushing it around their driveway.  He likes to play with the Swiffer and also with our old toy vacuum from the 80's that my mom unearthed at the farm so I thought it would be a good purchase. 
This thing is really loud and gets on the nerves in no time.  It has Sesame Street voices.  First Big Bird say tells Cookie Monster or Elmo that they missed a spot then whichever character is facing forward answers and then the vacuum starts.  It is loud enough to drown out the TV and it sounds like a blender shredding ice or a food processer chopping nuts.  Oh well, it doesn't sound much more annoying than the voices of the women on the various "Real Housewives" shows that I watch and it actually sounds better than the women on "Dance Moms".  The mom at the rummage sale warned me that it was annoying.  It turns off but Ben just turns it back on. 
He also recently started trying to climb over the baby gate.   

I hope this thing can hold up to this sort of use.  It is the cheapest one you can get, after all.  Also, if he starts getting around baby gates we are in trouble. 

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