Monday, July 8, 2013

"Every Heart Rings True..."

"...For the red, white and blue..."  That is from the song "You're A Grand Old Flag".  I thought it was a John Phillip Sousa march but when I looked it up I learned it is by George M. Cohan.  We sang it in choir when I was a teenager and, although it is not trendy or new, it is one catchy tune.  The sight of 4th of July flags always makes me think of it, including the little flags my mom placed in her flower pots for the weekend. 


I was so pleased with myself for finding Ben an Old Navy flag shirt, that annual tradition, at a rummage sale for fifty cents.  I should have just bought a new one since they cost $5.00 (maybe less for the small sizes) but oh well.  I don't think anyone noticed that it was from 2011! 
Ben got to watch the parade with his cousins Dylan and Blake.  Those two gathered a lot of candy.  Usually the spot that we sit is at the end of the parade but it was reversed this year for some reason.  Let me tell you, there is some good candy and other parade novelties at the beginning of the parade!  I didn't know what we were missing! 

This is the only picture I took of the actual parade.  My pregnant self can't be away from a bathroom for more than ten minutes it seems like so I had to run to a bathroom in the middle of it.  Ben loved the parade.  He just stared the whole time at the fire trucks and tractors and horses. 
That afternoon everyone else went to the demolition derby except me, since we didn't have anyone to watch Ben.  People bring kids and we always went as kids but usually kids of diaper age are kept away.  It is hot, loud and there are no good places to nap or change diapers.  That was no fun for me but we had a teenage babysitter for the street dance the night of the 3rd and on the 5th I spent the afternoon at Golden Lake (Ben free) with friends from high school (who were pregnant or had babies themselves) which was more fun for a pregnant person like myself so I can't feel too bad for myself. 
I am not a pregnancy documentarian who takes pictures weekly but I made sure to get the twenty week photo for posterity and for comparison purposes.  I will have to unearth the previous twenty week photo to see how much bigger I look.  Those are non-maternity shorts I am squeezing into there, purchased last spring after I had Ben and didn't fit into my normal ones yet.  They are getting some abuse these last few weeks because I don't want to give them up!  Stay strong, button!

We did some fireworks the night of the fourth before all the people who had to work on Friday left.  The surrounding country was like operation desert storm that night with blasts and explosions heard all around.  It was a tough night for dogs!  My sister's large and fearless dog shoved his way into the house and tried to follow her into the bathroom!  I always say that our dogs who have passed on and are buried around the farm, who all had issues with fireworks, turn over in their graves and die again of fear on the fourth. 

Ben wore his jammies for the show, complete with sandals over the feet!  Enjoy it while you can Ben!  This look will not fly as you get older!

Jakey, oblivious to the fireworks that are about to explode nearby.

Ben was able to enjoy some swimming during the rest of the weekend at the pool where I used to work!  He loved that purple ball.  He would stumble around holding it. And he would stumble around not holding it.  Actually, all he did was stumble around.  I hardly let go of  his had except to take this picture so I could catch him as soon as he submerged.  My mom's friend was their with her daughter one afternoon and bought him an orange ice cream push up (which I ate most of) and he was a sticky mess.  It was a fun time.   

He really has taken an interest in tractors and trucks and things that he can push.  He swiped this one out of my brother's room right when we arrived and played with it all weekend. 
He has also turned into an outside monster.  He has always enjoyed being outside but over the weekend he got to go out first thing in the morning and he had larger area to enjoy safely.  I am afraid I won't be able to satisfy him here anymore! 

This playhouse was a hand me down from Justin's cousin.  We have had it for awhile but decided to set it up at the farm because Justin didn't want it killing the grass. 

Having fun in his little house!  He immediately figured out how to climb the table and also into the sink.  So I guess it is more of a climbing apparatus than a place to play imaginative games.  At least for now! 

We brought his swing too, since we don't have a good tree for it and only can use it in our garage.  He and the puppy love each other!

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