Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big, Relieving News

After a few weeks of uncertainty and wondering if we would indeed find a house we made an offer on a property that was accepted last night.  It was a "for sale by owner" and the owners were willing to work with our realtor.  Justin heard about it from a classmate and it is possible that the connection gave us an edge because there had been other offers previously and another was made yesterday along with ours.  It seemed like a long shot but we just thought that if it was meant to be it would be and now it has come to pass!  The listing in the classifieds has had almost 900 views as of this morning (and yes, 100 of them are probably from me and Justin but still...) so I feel like it really is the one for us, just like our current house was meant for us too. 

Here are the pictures from the listing...I don't know how long they will stay up but they should at least be on there for a few more days at least.  I think listing on Bismanonline is free so most people just let their ads expire.  Actually, I know it is free because Justin tried to sell his 300 pound TV on there a few years ago with no success.  No one wants that crap!

So the details are that it has three bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs, three bathrooms (eeeeeh!)  including a master bathroom (Whaaaaaat?) with double sinks (!!!!!!!!!!).  A drawback is that it is a "tuck under" style, which means that the garage is under the house so you have to walk up from the basement when you enter from the garage.  This is a common style in this city and probably many cities with hills.  Also, the backyard is pretty small because most of it is a steep hill with some terraces and retaining walls.  It is very pretty but is not an ideal kid yard.  There is a small flat area and a very nice deck though, so it is not so bad.  It is on a cul de sac so it will be safer for Ben and his future sibling to play in the driveway and front yard which isn't safe on the street we live on now.  It is only about ten blocks from where we live now which makes me happy because I like this neighborhood.  It will still be a close drive to the places Ben and I like to visit and it won't be a longer drive for Justin to get to work. 

Now I have to process all of this and come to terms with having to say goodbye to our current house and get used to the idea this new place is going to be ours!  It will be a time of mixed emotions for sure. 

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Anonymous said...

Rm- very nice! I love the white cabinets, double sinks in the master bath and the dreamy laundry room! When so you move in? I want to visit!