Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yes, Another Costume Day

Hello, I haven't posted on here all week.  My excuse is I have come down with a cold that has really escalated the last few days in my typical pattern which is horrible sore throat for a few days, nose that is like a running faucet and now a continually running nose with chest rattling cough.  I haven't had this happen yet this winter and now, here we are almost in May, and it caught me.  Also, we don't have any Kleenex so I have been walking around the house with a roll of TP.  So I have been worthless and just doing the minimum.  Here is what I have managed to do. 

It is the "Week of the Young Child", which as I probably said last year,  I feel like is overkill because it seems like everything already revolves around them.  I get the purpose.  Some kids don't have access to quality early education since it isn't part of public schooling in the USA and it really is the foundation for future success.  However, we don't live in an area where this is an issue and it seems to be just for fun here.  Tuesday was favorite book/movie/tv character day and on Monday I was at a loss.  Fortunately, Ben received a cowboy hat as a birthday treat at school a few weeks ago and we received a cute leather vest in a hand me down box so I threw this together.

He's not just any cowboy...

He's Wood from Toy Story!  Sure, we didn't have the boots and the vest isn't cowhide print but I think it works still.

The kids had their last day of basketball yesterday and received their new prized possessions:

At least they each have their own! 

I brought Milo in from the Child Watch room to watch the last ten minutes of basketball and it was just as I thought...He wanted to run after them and play with a ball. 

Imagine him writhing in my arms whining, "Balllll Ba-ballllll!" 

This is from last week but on that day Tessa insisted on wearing her sunglasses to play basketball.

She did take them off after a few minutes but it was pretty ridiculous.

It is freezing cold this week but last week was nice and one afternoon the kids started playing "sandbox" with the gravel in the gutters around our house.  Ben build a dam and I suggested they get some water and test it out and it worked. 

They formed a little man made lake for recreational use!  We really need a sandbox. 

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