Monday, April 3, 2017

Call the Exterminator

I had a fun post planned for the day. Well, I wouldn't say it was planned, but I had the urge to do something fun and this is for me...this is my fun thing I do.  But, something else developed this morning.  Actually, we noticed it last night.  Ants.  First, it was just one ant last night.  I spotted another one nearby but no others.  Then this morning  when we returned from our morning activities I noticed several ants.  I "took care" of them all and soon enough I noticed more.  They are near the patio door which is not unusual this time of year although I always blamed it on that old screen with holes from animal claws that we replaced last fall.  But the door has been closed tight and they are still coming in.  I think they are coming from under that little raised area of trim you can see in the picture. 

I checked outside and I noticed a stray ant on the deck but not a whole colony.  This means they are under the deck so someone will probably have to crawl under there and spray.  Ben,.how would you like to earn $1?  Haha, JK.  But seriously, I hate this.  I grew up in an old farm house and depending on the year and the seasons there was always some insect or bug pestering us.  It was ladybugs, boxelder beetles, flies, crickets, the occasional spider, mosquitos in the light fixtures, you name it. For awhile there was ants but only in the upstairs bathroom which makes no sense really.  So I really have enjoyed not having to deal with any of that since living in "town". It actually probably had more to do with the age of the house and the boxelder trees in the yard too since I know people deal with boxelders and lady beetles and all the rest in town.  I did have one garden level apartment in Fargo that had a cricket problem which was disturbing.  They aren't dangerous and they don't get into food but they look so gross. 

So I had something else planned for today but I have to use this time to clean the kitchen floor and eradicate every crumb so those little creeps don't go back to the ant hill and tell their friends that there is a feast if you just squeeze through the siding and under that doorframe.  Gaaah gross. I just read on the Internets that spraying vinegar and water on the area where they are coming in will deter and kill them and I have some of that already mixed up so, if you will excuse me...

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