Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Mystery Blob

I've got nothing much to talk about this week.  There's just a lot of chaos around here.  Ben keeps getting sick and then getting better then getting sick again.  It's weird.  Milo's driving us nuts.  He climbs on everything and likes to destroy things.  Then there is this...

Hmmm, you are thinking...what the h3ll is that?  That is what I think every time I recoil with alarm when I encounter it around the house.  Is it poop?  Is it puke?  Is it mud?  Is it chewed up food?  Fortunately it is just a "really cool" rock the kids found outside in our landscaping and brought in the house.  I haven't had a chance to throw it back outside without them noticing yet. 

This scene also might alarm most people...

It brings to mind the days of late elementary school when we moved from attached desks with lift tops to desks with a compartment underneath with a detached chair and our last task of the day was putting the chair up on the desk so the custodians could vacuum.  Unfortunately, there is not nearly enough vacuuming or sweeping or mopping going on here.  Milo has started climbing on the table.  I would say he is obsessed with it.  When you take him down and try to direct his interest to something else he is already twisting back to the table before you even put him on the floor.  He stands up there, throwing whatever he can grab on the floor.  He flings the napkins over his head. He picks up the older kids' colored pencils and gleefully stabs the air with them.  He can reach the light fixture and he likes to whack at it.  So now we have the chairs like this.  Allan loves it.  It appeals to his cat instincts to be above everyone keeping watch.  Tessa went through this phase too and I recall just letting her get bored with it but it's not happening fast enough with Milo.  He's really changing fast.  He's starting to talk more and has officially entered the "ball" and "car" phase and he says those words 100's of times every day.  He also really likes toy pickups this week. 

This last little gem happened two nights ago.  We were at Runnings, a farm supply, hardware and sporting goods store, and this is a chicken coop for laying hens.  I want to get one for Allan so he can be outside.  It even has a little ramp!

Bye kids!  See you later!

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Ashley Strukel said...

I love those coushins though! Did you make them?