Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Big Sky 2017

Well, I better get this post done, huh?  No one wants to miss out on another person's vacation photos, right?  I would have done this yesterday but Ben was sick and acting weird and I had the pleasure of throwing away my whole afternoon at the walk-in clinic and then waiting in the car line at the CVS drive up window where a woman cut in front of everyone with her car.  Yes, it's possible.

So, I don't really know where to start since my pictures are kind of in a crazy order.  I think I will have Ben's birthday post tomorrow or later this week or whenever.  All of us on the trip made a shared phone album so the order they were on my phone is kind of strange and I don't really feel like sorting them out.  It's more time consuming than you would think. 

First, here is our rental house.  It was quite a place.  Usually we don't stay in places this big or nice but it was discounted because there was construction going on near by.  Well, I can tell you the construction wasn't a bother at all.  In the falling snow it looks like it belongs in Norway or somewhere like that. 

This is the back side where we finished our skiing every day.  We had to walk up a small hill which was steeper than it looks in the picture but it was fine. 

The weather wasn't the best we've had.  In March, there is usually a good chance it will be pretty warm which isn't the best since the snow get slushy in the sun but I know I enjoy not freezing my fingers and toes off.  Well, the first two days were freezing.  Like at the top of the lifts the thermometers said 0.  That is not enjoyable skiing weather.  It was also windy.  But the weather improved after the second day and the clouds lifted and I finally got to see my favorite view:

I love when we drive up the mountain and when you turn around a curve it is suddenly right there but this year it was concealed in the clouds. 

Ben skied every day this year.  The first morning he took a lesson.  Last year, we purchased a group lesson but he was the only kid signed up so it was like a private lesson for a bargain price.  This year, there were other kids signed up and they weren't as far along as he is so they never left the "magic carpet" hill to ride the chair lift so it wasn't really worth it since he was riding the chair lift last year.  He took a big step and skied on the main Big Sky mountain.  This is before his first run down Mr. K, a very well known easy "green circle" run.  It is three miles long.  And he did it! 

This was taken on his first day skiing.  I'm thrilled with his skiing prowess.  I'm not saying he never fell or got frustrated but he always continued on and didn't want to stop.  That is a key trait when learning to ski. 

We thought about putting Tessa on skis this year but we ended up not doing it.  The first few days were so cold and windy and she got into a routine back at the house.  Also, she doesn't have the leg strength that Ben had at age three.  She would have had to have a private lesson since kids have to be four for group lessons and they are pretty expensive.  But next year will be her year. 

She had fun playing out side with her 2nd cousin.  The hill we had to hike up was pretty perfect for little kids to sled down. My mom endured the repeated uphill hike one afternoon and they all had a lot of fun. 

I had an enjoyable week of skiing since I, for once, wasn't pregnant or nursing or post C-section or anything of that nature. 

I had ambitions to ski "The Peak" which I haven't done for quite a few years but the weather made it impossible because the necessary lifts were closed because of wind and the visibility wasn't good up there.  But...I found an alternative and Justin joined me.  I have been pretty much all over this resort over the years, including riding the tram to the Peak and skiing down (It's like 11,000 feet) but there is one area that has always rattle me and I have had no desire to try it.  It is the Challenger Lift.  It is a creepy, barren landscape serviced by what used to be a scary looking lift perched on a cliff.  The lift was recently updated but as you can see in the picture below, the posts are still placed at strange angles on the steep terrain.  Well, my cousin's husband convinced me and Justin to go for it and the whole ride up we just kept saying, "well, that doesn't look so bad...kind of steep but we can go around that...that person doesn't look like that good of a skier so if they are doing it..."  I had the urge to take some pics at the top but it wasn't really the place.  Of course, we made it down just fine and it was pretty fun and it fulfilled my urge for a challenge. 

This was taken at the bottom!  It doesn't look scary from this picture but in person it's very different! 

33 year olds proving themselves!

Milo enjoyed his trip as much a baby sitting in a house all day can.  He wore the traditional Big Sky onesie that has been passed down by each kid. 

He got pasta sauce all over the arms but I got it out.  This is one baby item I will always keep. 

We managed to take our family picture like we have done every year since Ben was three weeks old.  It's hard to believe he's been here six times now and he just turned five. 

A grooming machine was parked nearby.  They are quite a sight.  They are a combination of many different things.  They have tracks and blades and I'm surprised they don't sell toy ones as souvenirs.  Hmmm...maybe that is my big idea that will make me rich?

They can be cute sometimes...

All week, we were monitoring Allan through the petcube. I caught him in a playful mood and turned on the laser for a few minutes.  Most of the time he was just sitting and staring at the camera like he could sense we were watching him. 

The rugs and blankets on the furniture were to protect it from his tendency to...ummm...regurgitate...the contents of his stomach.  And he didn't!  Better safe than sorry. He's a fine specimen. 

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