Thursday, January 26, 2017

Milo's Signature Phrase

As the weeks pass I have watched Milo's babyish-ness slip away slowly.  Yes, there are many months left of diapers and cribs but I packed away the 12 month clothes yesterday and put the 18 month clothes in his drawers (all of Ben's old 18 month clothes have been sitting by the changing table in a box for two months and I rifle through them whenever I want to find something.  A lot of them are summery and Milo has received a lot of new clothes so I haven't really had to dig in to the box yet except for pajamas and onesies).  I even sorted through the 24 month box to get some Carter's onesies out because they run pretty small. 

He is starting to talk more and it's really cute.  I am trying to remember the older kids' first words and phrases of choice around this age (besides "Mama Mama Mama" 10,000 times a day) and I remember Ben saying "ball" over and over again.  He also said "Hold Ben" and "Up" a lot and he talked about "choo choos" all the time.  Tessa would say "Hold You!" when demanding that I hold her and she talked about her Pacifier and blanky a lot.  I used to take a shower when she napped and always had wet hair when I took her out of her crib and she would say "Mama take shower?" when she saw me. 

Well, this won't come as a shock to anyone who has little kids but Milo's first phrase of choice is "I want snack".  He walks around saying "I want snaaaaack" 100 times a day.  I don't know if he knows what it means but I think he understands it has to do with food.  He just hears it repeated nonstop from his brother and sister every day so I guess I'm not surprised.  It's cute coming from him although the snack BS is one of my more annoying parenting "things".  It's like you can't go anywhere without them and if you don't haul around a bag of snacks everywhere you go people are shocked.  I generally don't pack snacks for short outings out of the house for shopping and such.  This snack business is a new fangled notion.  Correct me if I'm wrong Mother, but I don't remember chowing down on a snack every time I had to go anywhere with my mom and we did indeed go everywhere with her.  I do remember getting to buy candy at the grocery store checkout pretty regularly (and guess brother and sister and I were never overweight!  Shocking!) but now a regular sized candy bar or bag of M&M's costs $1.50 so I don't think that is a good habit to start with the kids.  I'm not looking forward to the healthy/non-allergen/non-homemade snack restrictions next year for Kindergarten.  Fruit snacks and granola bars are not allowed because they have too much sugar and they aren't healthy.  I guess the beloved Gushers and Dunk-A-Roos of my elementary days are obsolete now.  At Ben's preschool the snack and lunch is included in the exhorbitant cost which is a relief. 

Image result for dunk a roos
Oh my stars...those were so good...I guess nothing is stopping me from having the adult version of these, which is a pack of graham crackers and a can of premade frosting which would probably cost less than half a box of the prepackaged kid version.  My Freshman year college roommate and I did that's fun while it's happening but not something anyone should make a habit of doing! 

Back on the subject of Milo, another amusing thing he does that I don't remember the other two doing is he sings the ABC song.  He just walks around the house and sings it at any time.  It's not perfectly clear but the tune is correct.  It's so cute.  Have you ever noticed that the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are the same tune?  I never did until I had children.  Also, wisdom says that most kids say "no!" before they say "yes" but he says "Yaaaaah" in response to everything.  Its quite nice!

Ok, I'm going to eat some frosting now. 

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