Thursday, January 12, 2017

Milo at 15 Months

I realize my little Milo doesn't get as much blog action as the older kids did when they were babies.  It's probably because I've seen it all before.  He sure is cute though.  He walks everywhere now and he is starting to like specific toys and books.  He often comes toddling up to me lugging some huge board book in his arms and thrusts it at me and climbs into my lap.  It is so cute even at the times when I don't feel like reading the same book for the 10th time that day (not that I need to read "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See"?  I know it by heart!)  He likes to bring people things to show them and if you say "thank you!" he just keeps bringing more and more and he gets excited and claps.  He also likes to destroy what his siblings are working on.  His baby charm is becoming ancient history.  Instead of being asked if they can hold him constantly I regularly hear screams of, "NOOOOO BABEEEEE! MILO WRECKED MY ______" Fill in the blank with any number of things from farm setups to puzzles to towers to legos. 

He had his 15 month doctor's appointment this week and we learned that his weight, height and head circumference are all in the 46th percentile.  I guess 46 is his new lucky number.  I will remember that for his future sports jerseys. 

Here are a few pictures of him.  I have given up hiding background junk. I did finally banish that stand up excersaucer in the background.  It feels like a new living room.  The only thing it was being used for was restraint during desperate times and it was almost always sitting in the way so it's out of here! 

A baby holding a baby.

Milo really likes the little flowers that come with most Duplo sets.  We have quite a few of these in our collection.  You can see he was filling up the little trailer with them in this picture.  That same night he threw a (still funny and cute because he's only one and has cute baby curls and chubby wrists) tantrum because he was trying to hold six at once and his hands aren't big enough.  I felt bad for him but it was funny. 

Here are the bros in a peaceful moment in their new sweatshirts from Christmas. 

Then it quickly descended into roughhousing. 

Someone is always on the floor...

Here Milo is pushing his cute little combine.  The header is piano keys.  What will they think of next? At least there is some room to push it among the scattering of debris in the hallway, which at that moment included a Hello Kitty Happy Meal toy and a freebie calendar from a Chinese restaurant.  What the H. 

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