Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Lost Light Bulb

Over the weekend we braved another football game with all three kids, which went as well as it could have in that the weather was good and I only spent the second and third quarters pushing a sleeping baby around in a stroller.  We had our nephew's baptism on Sunday at the church in my hometown so that was another brave adventure...three kids...and we had to sit at the front...It happened to be the first day of Sunday school and the kids sang songs from vacation bible school in church so there was plenty of commotion anyway.  Since my childhood there has always been a children's sermon where the minister sits down with kids at his or her feet and delivers a short kid friendly message.  When that time came Ben was up there before we could even ask him if we wanted to go up and he sat down right next to the minister!  The message had to do with losing something (tying in to the larger theme of the day which happened to be the 15th anniversary of 9/11) and the minister asked the kids if any of them had ever lost something.  Immediately Ben's hand shot up and I heard my dad behind me whisper, "this should be good..." He stuttered a bit before answering, "my new light bulb!" for the whole church, which was pretty full, to hear.

It's been years since I've had a giggle fit somewhere inappropriate.  It used to happen all the time, whether it was in a class, in church, or sitting at the piano in front of my classmates in choir when I was supposed to be playing the accompaniment.  That was a funny one involving an awkward freshman boy who didn't want to be there who sneezed and had a huge booger hanging out of his nose...Hehehe...I'm like an eight year old boy...boogers are funny...hehehe...Well, my most recent loss of composure was kind of an exhilarating experience, honestly...I felt like my youthful self again if only for a church service. 

The rest of the morning went well.  The main sermon had to do with 9/11 and the minister had placed bowls of those little flat vase filler marbles in bowls so everyone could take one to keep as a reminder of what we all lost that day and it turns out that those are Tessa's favorite type of "treasure" so she was happy.  Ben really wanted to be with the kids when they were singing which makes me feel bad that he's not in Sunday school but we are never home on weekends so I don't really know what to do about that.  Wednesday school, I guess. 

We got a relatively decent family photo which is shocking.  I was at the pumpkin patch with Ben's preschool class this morning and they took a group picture with approximately twenty kids and they all look perfect in it but yet I can't usually get my three to look at the same time. 

Milo and Daddy hanging out while everyone took pictures.

The sponsors.

Our acceptable family picture. 

Cute little girl with her "treasures" from the minister. 

As far as the light bulb episode, Justin asked Ben what he was talking about and we think he was referring to the tendency Milo has to crawl into his room and pull his Paw Patrol night light out of the outlet.  One night we couldn't find it so he had to go without.  So that was that.  (I am currently giggling like a wierdo.)

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