Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Iowa City

Well, most of you probably already know that my regional fan base had a pretty major football weekend.  We NDSU fans headed to Eastern Iowa to play the very "legit" University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA.  I didn't really know how huge this game was going to be but it was HUGE.  By that, I mean the school, the atmosphere, the stadium and the stakes were all huge.   Justin and I were there.  We were there tailgating at 6 a.m. while the moon was still out. 

This is me, drinking a beer and trying to capture the moon shining in the background.  That light there-that's the moon.  Lord have mercy.  The game was at 11 a.m. so this really was the only option.  It was a very fun morning, even though, as usual at away games, the bathroom situation in the parking lot was not even close to enough.  It was a good thing we got there at 6 a.m. because by the time we walked to the game there were cars parked in all directions.  It was crazy.

This cool bison of balloons was in the lot.  Where has this balloon artist been all my life?

I have very few pictures of myself from this day, which is probably a good thing.  It was humid and getting ready at 4:30 a.m. then drinking at 6 a.m. usually doesn't end in a picture perfect appearance.  Oh well.

I wish I could adequately describe the atmosphere of this city on game day.  Our tailgating lot was approximately 2 miles (some said 1.5, some said 3 miles) from the stadium and the lines to ride the shuttle bus were very very long so many people walked.  There were throngs of people walking down that street and the last few blocks were residential.  Every house had cars parked on the lawn and parties happening in the driveways.  Some had outhouses in their yards.  Apparently people rent out their yards on game days.  It was crazy.  And it wasn't even the college street.  We didn't see where the students were.  I can't imagine. 

Well anyway, we had been walking for awhile and I thought I saw a high rise building through the trees.  It was actually the stadium. 

Look at this place!  It was packed too!  That cylindrical building is the University Children's Hopsital.  Recall that the game was over the noon hours so the sun just cooked us the whole time.  It wasn't exactly hot as far as temperature but the sun was so hot.  I ended up wearing my infinity scarf on my head so my scalp wouldn't burn.  I also paid $6 for a souvenir glass of soda and refilled it with water in the bathroom two times.  It was worth it because...we won!  We beat that big team at that huge school in front of a home crowd of 70,000 people. 

When the game was over the street we walked down to get there was blocked off for pedestrian only traffic and there were THRONGS of people.  The only thing I have seen that it compares to was the 17th of May in Oslo, Norway in front of the palace.  It was such a memorable and fun atmosphere.  And we won!

When we finally arrived back at our tailgating lot, which was the parking lot of a huge high school, we changed our shoes, had a beer and relaxed in some wonderful, wonderful shade for awhile.  (That kid is not one of ours...they weren't there).

It was a long drive to Eastern Iowa but so worth it. 

The night before the game we went to the pep fest the Alumni Association held and our whole group took a picture at the photo booth they had set up.  They printed little filmstrips for everyone which was pretty cool. 

I am wearing the free hat they gave away at the door.  Too bad I didn't bring that thing to the game!  My nose would have been less red and my scarf less sweaty! 

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Ashley Strukel said...

RM when I saw that hat on you on Facebook I wondered if I'd ever seen you in a hat. I think probably not.