Friday, October 30, 2015

Upgrades, upgrades

Big news around here...we are getting a...king size bed!!!  It was delivered today.  We probably would have purchased one with our bedroom set in 2009 but in the old house (I still think of you often, old brick house!) the bedroom wasn't big enough for one.   Justin is always having some back related issue and this recent pregnancy was physically rough for me and every night was torturous.  Also, we are not exactly petite people.  After our weekend in Montana in August when we spent two nights in hotels with king beds we woke up not in pain and wanting to murder each other we decided to get one.  Justin called the furniture store and found out that we could still get the matching headboard and frame that goes with the rest of the furniture and the order was made. 
Well, a frame that matches our furniture was delivered but it wasn't the same as the old one.  Furniture stores...they always have some sort of drama up their sleeve.  I've heard about it happening so many times.  Justin stopped there yesterday afternoon after tilling our garden and the person there was understanding but said he would know more when the manager was there today and the woman who sold it to us is on leave now.  I kind of like this one actually.  The metal bars match the drawer pulls on the dressers.  What we don't like is the fact that the headboard is really low so with pillows you can't really even see it.  So who knows what will happen with this.  At least we have the mattress officially in the house and can sleep on it!
You can see the old one in this picture.  The two are definitely related and have the same style of legs and are the same color.
I miss this old place!  From my occasional drive byes it looks like those curtains are still there. 
I have been searching for sheets and blankets to outfit this new monster of a bed.  It is quite and investment because of the yardage involved.  I never really paid attention to how expensive king bedding is.  I finally settled on this duvet and sham set from my beloved source of domestic fantasies, Pottery Barn. 
Cleary Organic Duvet Cover & Sham
It has all the colors that I needed to match.  The walls are grey and we are not painting anything anytime soon so it had to match those.  There is some light green, which is the color that is prominent in the wall hangings so I wanted them to still match and there is a lot of blue and turquoise, which I always gravitate toward.  Now the yellow lamps will look kind of odd so I will probably be on the hunt for new lamps. 

Cleary Organic Duvet Cover & Sham
I am not going to post a picture of the finished product.  One reason is that the lightweight duvet filling blanket I ordered from slow as a snail flash sale site Zulily isn't here yet and may not arrive at all.  I received a message last week saying there was a delay and if it doesn't ship by the end of October they will just give me a refund.  I don't want a refund.  I want my 70% off down alternative blanket but what can I do? The other reason is that our room looks EXACTLY like the one from the Pottery Barn design team so you don't even need to see ours!  Just like in the picture, I always keep a vase of fresh flowers on my night stand!  I cleverly conceal the diaper rash cream, baby wipes and various tangled charging cords that I use at night these days hidden at all times because WHO can live with such clutter?  NOT ME!  And I always keep the space under the bed clear because of the principles of Feng Shui.  I have plenty of other places to store my duffel bags and box full of old CDs. 

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