Monday, August 17, 2015

The Earth Has Yielded it's Produce

We've been doing a lot of farming this month, so once again this post is about farming and harvest.  Here is Ben in Justin's bean field on July 31.

Here he is in the same field this weekend!

When I saw this picture I said, "don't lose him!" Those are pretty tall.  I always remember wheat being the tall crop but actually soy beans are taller. 
For example, here are the kids this weekend in a wheat field where combining was in progress.  Golden wheat makes a lovely setting for photos...if the people in the photos want to be in the wheat.  I had some big ideas for these pictures.  I imagined these would be lovely, with the golden wheat and the golden blond hair perfectly complementing each other. 
However, the blinding sun and very scratchy wheat did not make agreeable kids.  Tessa's raised arms mean "get me out of here!"  Also, it was 100 degrees outside. 

Oh well, this is real life. 
It was recently my brother's and sister's kids' birthdays.  They were born three days apart in August so we celebrated their birthdays this weekend.  We tried to get some good group pictures of the cousins together but with three one year olds involved we just did our best. 
There was a tractor driving back there!  That furry mass in the corner is the dog. 

This one's pretty good!
The bounty of harvest has come to our garden also.  The tomatoes in this bowl were all picked this morning. 

Time to eat some salads and omelets! 

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