Monday, August 10, 2015

Combines and Puppies

Even when you live in the middle of a city, you know when wheat harvest has started.  It has its own atmosphere more than any of the other crops.  I remember lifeguarding at the station at the top of the water slide in Fargo and noticing the haze in the humid air and realizing I could smell it one night when it wasn't there before.  Out of town, it is a time of year that is full energy and the majestic sight of combines crawling along in the fields and hearing the wailing sound of their engines everywhere.  I recall visiting my great uncle in the nursing home about a month before he died several years ago during wheat harvest and he could hardly bear being trapped in his room as opposed to being in the fields. 

This year brought a new little harvest devotee named Ben, who was beside himself with excitement over "combine rides" at the farm.  We arrived late Wednesday night and he didn't see any action until Friday evening.  He had to be content with "helping" around Grandpa's shop. 

Having a 3 year old help by spraying a hose is rarely that helpful, but we won't tell the 3 year olds that!
Here he is when he finally made it to the field!

The first few rounds with my brother in the combine, Justin operating the grain cart, and my dad driving truck.
Tessa wanted in on the action too.  She finds tractor rides quite enjoyable.  I think most kids do, especially combine rides, because of the panoramic view and the hypnotic spinning of the header.  Here she is after spotting Grandpa up high on the combine. 

She really wanted to get up there!  Sorry Tessa, one year olds in pink dresses don't get to climb on top of farm machinery! 
On Saturday Ben combined all morning and afternoon with Uncle Pete until he fell asleep. 

There was some excitement on Saturday evening when our friend Andy visited with his puppy and another friend's puppy who he was babysitting for the weekend.  It was a puppy party! I haven't been around baby animals like this for awhile and forgot how extremely cute they are!

Tessa was kind of scared of them, which is strange because she shows no fear around very large full grown dogs that she knows. 

Seriously, how can anything be so cute?  Look at that puppy's adorable expression!

Kisses!  Ben isn't in any of the puppy pictures because, to my surprise, he just wanted to ride in the combine and not play with the dogs.  I can't imagine...

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