Thursday, July 30, 2015


This week brought a milestone for Tessa...we converted her crib into a toddler bed!  We did this more to prepare her for giving the crib up in a few months.  We had to do this for Ben when he started climbing out when he was 18 months old, which she hasn't managed to do yet.  The transition has been OK so far.  The first night she climbed out repeatedly with glee for about an hour and then laid in there and fussed for awhile before falling asleep.  Even though the crib is still the same on three sides I guess the missing side is a bit unsettling. 

Here she is as I was trying to take a cute picture of her snuggled up with her baby and some stuffed animals.  As you can see she was to fast for me. 

The following day a nap didn't happen.  She ransacked her room for over an hour and Ben kept hearing her and going in to "check on TESSA!" which made her crazier.  Then Justin came home early because I had a doctor's appointment and then we went shopping.  I had to look back to when we transitioned Ben to a toddler bed and reminded of those first few days of nap chaos where he ransacked his room and fell asleep on piles of rubble. 
He was so cute and little!  He was younger than Tessa is now. 
Yesterday she settled right down for her nap so I took a picture of her. 

She has to borrow one of "Brother's" pillows until we get her one of her own.  She is sleeping right now after an eventful morning at the garden.  I usually don't let her out of the car since the stop is usually quick.  But today I let her out and since our last visit someone poured new gravel on the alley.  I thought the two of them seemed way too busy and content while I was watering.  It turned out Tessa was busy dumping handfuls of dirt and rocks on her head.  Her hair looked grey and her clothes and face were covered with it.  I knew she had to have a bath when we got home so she wouldn't get dirt all over her bed.  Once we were in the bathroom I unsnapped her undershirt and about 1/2 cup of gravel fell out onto the floor.  Then I took her diaper off and there was even more in there! 

This is what the tub looked like after the water drained.

Speaking of the garden, I am waiting impatiently for some tomatoes to ripen.  They seem really slow this year.  This one large yellow one of the "Lemon Boy" variety was ripe but it appears to have some sort of disease...

Yeah...I'm not eating that.

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