Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tests and Tessa at 20 Months

The internet connection woes continue here, so once again this afternoon I was ready to post and was not able to because we had no connection.  I called the company yesterday morning and they checked and the connection is fine.  The man on the phone suspects that our modem is old and worn out and is having problems staying connected to the router.  The modem dates back to my student days so I guess it is pretty old!  The afternoon window passed quickly because I had to go to the hospital to do the 1 hour glucose screening which is the test to make sure pregnant women have not developed gestational diabetes. 

To complete this test, a person swills a bottle of juice with 50 grams of sugar concentrated in it's few ounces (it looked like it was 8 or 10 ounces) and then sits in the waiting room for an hour without moving around too much to give the body time to process the sugar.  Then they take blood test.  The first time I did this back in 2012 I had to fast but last time and this time I didn't.  Women can get very dramatic about this test and if you research it online you will find many distraught women who claim they threw up from the sugar drink and women who try to get out of the test and are offended that they have to take it all because they have no risk factors.  Of course that is a bad idea because anyone can develop it regardless of weight or if they have had it in previous pregnancies.  I am kind of embarrassed remembering the drama in my account of my first time taking the glucose screening which can be read back in my archives somewhere.  In my defense, I had to fast all night before that test and didn't get food until 11:00 a.m. which will bring out the worst in me!  Now, I acknowledge that it isn't that bad and the drink is no worse than the Red Bull and schnapps based shots I used to take with abandon.  I found it to be quite pleasant, actually.  I'm not going to complain about being forced to sit in a silent waiting room and read for an hour!  I'll trade a brief needle in the arm for that! 

 Now that you know about my boring medical tests, here is some news you really want to know

Yesterday we went to the pool and Ben was climbing around between two lawn chairs and after being warned to stop the inevitable happened and he fell on his face. 

He scraped his chin and it is angry looking although it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  He bit the inside of his lip also.  Until that moment they both had fun at the pool. 
And here is Tessa this evening, as I was trying to make a double batch of cookies.  She wanted to go outside and brought my shoes to me and then when she realized I wasn't going to do what she wanted she put my shoes on herself.  Then she spent the entirety of the time I was baking saying "Hold you! Hold you!" and "Bite! Bite!" which meant that she wanted me to hold her and give her bites of dough. 

Speaking of Tessa, I just realized that today is the 15th which means she is 20 months old.  It hardly seems possible.  At this time, she is saying lots of new words every day. She has picked up counting although I don't think she understands what it means yet.  At any moment she will start counting and she can go up to ten.  She loves to go outside and play "colors" which means sidewalk chalk.  She also loves bikes.  She likes to ride her little kids bike and also she is interested in bikes in general.  At the Y there is a SUV that has a bike rack on the back and whenever it is there at the same time as us she tries to go over to it and look at the bikes.  If she sees a bike at the park or something it is hard to keep her away and we have a little old banana seat bike with training wheels from Justin's childhood in the garage and sometimes she sneaks in there and climbs up on the seat when we are outside.  She loves bouncy balls and usually walks around with several clenched in her fists.  My sister used to collect them and found a stash of about 30 of them in her old childhood bedroom a few weeks ago and gave them to her.  So she likes bicycles and bouncy balls. I never imagined a toddler girl liking those things but I now know that toddlers are just plain weird so nothing surprises me anymore. 

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