Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa 2014

Last night we observed the annual Christmas tradition of visiting Santa.  Our Santa's special helper of choice is at the main mall here.  This is a good option because he is a good quality one with a real beard.  It is a bad option because they ban you from taking your own pictures and then charge an exorbitant amount for prints.  The cheapest package, which consist of two 4x6 prints, cost $23.00.  And no digital copy!  I think they should at least include a digital copy because that's the way most people want to share pictures now.  But, I guess that included a $10 Shutterfly coupon, so...I just learned that the older, more desolate mall in town has a Santa where you can take your own pictures but he's not as realistic looking.  And, one of these years I hope to take them to my hometown's Santa visit at a old fashioned log cabin where Santa is always played by someone I know.  I wish I had a picture scanned of the year back in the 90s when my dad was Santa!  We won't make it there unless the Bison stop making it to the playoffs.

They look indifferent in the picture but both were actually smiling at certain times during the session.  Ben told Santa what he wanted (Bobcats) and even gave him a hug.  Then he wore his "elf hat" all around the mall. 

Today he kept talking about going to see Santa when Daddy got home.  I guess we can always go without taking pictures.

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