Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Baby and Her Socks

Since this is my second baby, I have realized that little kids can love to play with things that are not the usual toys.  I think everyone's baby loves remote controls (the real one, not an old one without batteries, phones, computers, and any other expensive piece of technology that you wouldn't want them destroying.  Ben really used to love plugging the cord of an old phone charger into this keyhole in our antique TV stand.  He also loved carrying around these two novelty rubber wine bottle stoppers for several weeks.  And of course there was the phase where he carried the instruction booklet for Tessa's new car seat around the house with him like it was a book and laid in bed with it and "read" like it wasn't just a bunch of boring words in three different languages. 

Tessa has recently taken a shine to...socks.  She finds single and clean folded up pairs of socks and carries them around the house and puts them in containers.  Sometimes she puts them where she can't reach and I find her straining and screaming as she tries to get them out.  She finds them in laundry baskets and duffel bags and there are already single socks all over the house for some reason so now there are REALLY socks ALL OVER THE HOUSE.  Remember the post about how Allan brought adult socks all over the house?  He's still doing it.  It's insane around here.  There are socks all over the place. 

These pictures have been taken this week since Monday when this all started. 


It's actually really funny.  At least socks can't break and they don't hurt when you step on them. 

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