Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm A Trend!

I admit that I am a catalogue fiend.  I know they are bad for the environment and the days of choosing something from a catalogue, filling out the order form, and sending it in are long gone and a catalogue is basically just a way to direct people to the Internet.  I don't care though.  I go to the websites for my favorite companies, request a catalogue, and enjoy receiving them in the mail where they pile up around the house and cause clutter.  Back in my youth, the best catalogue was the semi-annual JC Penney monster.  It was two or three inches thick and filled with whatever I was going to be wearing to school that fall or playing in that summer because JC Penney was one of the few department stores where kids bought clothes in my area.  I am really relieved that Old Navy, Kohl's, and GAP kids are around now and also that stores like Target and Scheels have a bigger selection of nicer clothes for kids because JC Penney, to put it nicely, is mediocre.  I don't care how many Sephora cosmetics stores they put in there.  But anywayyyy...

My favorite catalogues now are home oriented companies like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and West Elm and also J.Crew, the TOMS shoe catalogue, and Sundance, which is full of quite expensive Bohemian ensembles and jewelry.  Something most of these catalogues have in common is that they give stylish names to their merchandise.  Examples include the "Natasha pump" or the "Lorraine tufted leather bed" or the "Brinkley demilune sink console". 

Wayyyy back in 2009, right after we bought our brick house, I saw the perfect rug in the Pottery Barn catalogue and it was named "Maren". 
This is the same picture I showed back then and if you recall, I got the rug from my mom for a gift!  It is still here and has been in the background of many, many pictures.  It was meant to be!  I will never be sick of this rug! 
Last week I was looking through JCrew, excited that it came at all.  JCrew will eventually stop sending catalogues if you don't order which calls for another online catalogue request.  I think the last thing I ordered from there was a light green chiffon dress in size 6 (hahahahaha I know I can't believe it either) back in 2010 so I often request catalogues.  I was very delighted to see this page:
This is great.  They named a sandal Maren!  I like the sandals but, although I appreciate a good quality shoe and have some pretty expensive boots that have stood the test of time and lasted for years (Frye!  Ugg!) I cannot ever imagine spending $128.00 for sandals that appear to have soles that are hard as a rock with no support.  Yes, I suppose they were made in Italy at some world renowned historic tannery but still...
It seems that the marketing departments at these places imagine "Maren" as a beachy, summery, casual type of person.   I wish I could say I was summery right now.  I want to by summery SO BAD!

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