Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Anniversary

I just realized that today is August 26th!  It is a date that shall stand out in my mind because August 26th was the day that we closed on this house and moved last year.  Yes, it's been one year.  That was one very fast year.  On this day in 2013, it was so, so hot and very humid. This year, it is unseasonably cool and raining.  Today, I have a nine month old. Last year, I was 30 weeks pregnant and on the brink of being uncomfortably huge.

I still think about our old house often.  That place really meant a lot to me.  I make myself remember little details about it because I just don't want to forget.  For example, the wiring was some sort of low voltage thing that was common in the 1940s and 1950s so all of the light switches were buttons that you pushed and when you did they made a weird buzzing noise.  Everyone who didn't know about the wiring recoiled when it buzzed, thinking they had caused it to break!  Also, there was a really creaky spot in the floor in the living room that I would always step around when Ben was sleeping.  And the mailbox was attached to the house by the front door and every time I opened the door to get it I would smell sun baked wood because the door really heated up in the afternoon sun.  Of course, I could go on and on.  I haven't forgotten you, little house! 

Life has been good in this house so far even though we haven't had the time to focus on projects the way we did when me moved in the old place.  There are still items that I want to hang on the walls that are not hanging on the walls.  We haven't painted anything which means I have been living for a year with paint that I don't especially like.  And it's always a blasted mess in here...always.  But it has been really nice having the dining room and having three bedrooms and the laundry room upstairs.  The extra storage is delightful and there is still room for more crap in some closets and in our second upstairs bathroom the drawers are all empty.  Yes, empty.  My favorite thing is the suite-style master bathroom with double sinks.  It is fab!

And since it has now been a year that I have had a picture of someone else's house creepily displayed on the internet I finally changed the picture on the blog heading.  It's not the greatest picture and needs some cropping but I will take care of that later.  And by later, I mean next August.  I just like how Ben is waving at the bottom.  I also added Tessa to the pictures along the side of the blog.  She's officially part of the family now! 

And, so this post has a picture for you visual people, here is a picture of Ben after he fell asleep for his nap a few hours ago.  He loves tires and "flat tires" and some of his farm toys have tires that come off and he gathered them all up and brought them for his "nap toy".  Yes, a nap toy is a thing here. 

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